Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gutter Talk: Tainted Beef in Shanghai

SwimNews has reported that positive tests for Clenbuterol have become so common for athletes visiting Shanghai that the German Swim Federation is bringing team doctors to Worlds this summer to test meat and track chain of supply.

What do you think?

"Hey, if I am choosing between two steaks to eat, I am gonna choose the one that's the most ripped."
John L- Professional Eater

"I have had three surprise piss tests by the WADA this week and I don't know a single cow who has had one all year. Cow bodybuilding is getting out of control and they don't seem to want to do anything about it!" Jared O- World Class Synchronized Swimmer

"Damn I was getting excited about ordering my first McDonalds 6
and a quarter pounder when I got to Shanghai." Ricky B- Model

"Of course those cows are dirty, filthy doping cheaters. They are Chinese."
Tom D- Award Winning Writer.

"These accusations are ridiculous!"
Maximus J- Bovine Body Builder

"Are you kidding? Tainted meat is the only thing
that could help Germany win a medal."
-Chris D, Hater of all things German.

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