Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Announcement: Open Submissions Policy!

We realized during our blog contest in June 2011 that there are a lot of swimmers, swim fans and coaches out there who have great things to contribute to a swim-based site like ours.  We have had fun reading submissions and offering critiques.  We also appreciate the increased sense of community that seems to have come from welcoming guest bloggers to the site.  We love the interaction.
Every contest submission we received, even the ones not quite ready for prime time, had their own unique perspective and had something to offer that will resonate with our audience.

Our regular bloggers have an expectation of consistent posting and will have to put up with our crap constantly through ridiculously long strings of emails, but you, should you choose to accept the offer, can contribute to our site and have your work read with nothing more than a pre-screening by The Swim Brief crew.  Essentially, this is our official announcement that we are starting an open submissions policy.

There are great voices out there who need to be heard and we want this website to be a swim community labor of love.  If you think you have something to say, please email us at swimbrief_at_gmail.com with a quick bio to explain your "angle" and a draft of the article you want to submit.  We may offer you a critique; we may ask you for another draft, or we may say "you nailed it and you are ready to post."  Please understand, we can't just post everything that is submitted, but we may be able to help you sharpen your tools and grow as a writer to contribute in the future.  Feel free to use your own name or come up with a persona.  Swim fans are the best, and we would love to showcase your love for the sport through our site.

Also, if you post guest blogs frequently enough, we will put your bio on our guest blogger page right alongside Tom Duke and Ritchie MP Cummins.  Jeah!

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