Friday, May 7, 2010

Go for 5!

Several swim bloggers have been emailing around and trying to come up with ways we can unite to do something constructive to help save our sport. The first step, is to support some of those groups who are already doing great things. Below is a link to the "Go for 5" program started by swimming supporters at Duquense University. Keep in mind, this is not just a program to save their men's team... this is designed to help raise awareness and develop resources to help save teams from the axe all over the country. Please visit their site and show your support. Put a link on your team website. Hand out their flyer at team events. Add a link on facebook. Spread the word!

Will you Donate to Support the Team?

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  1. I cannot agree more! Why reinvent the wheel when you can build support around it and keep it rolling. Kudos for these guys getting it started, but it's up to the swimming community to keep it going.

  2. great post, I swim in the Atlantic 10 conference and it was a very sad and emotional meet this year as dusquesne swimming closed out there progam's linage. Some thing needs to be done, soon, not too long ago the A10 also said good bye to rhode Island's mens team. hopefully a10 conference wont end up like the big 12