Monday, May 24, 2010


This note was a part of the CSCAA News- Post Convention Report. It was forwarded to me from someone on the mailing list. I have cut and pasted it here to help spread the word.


Please contact UC Davis Chancellor Katehi (530-752-2065 ) and UC Davis Vice Chanceller Fred Wood ( 530 752-6866) ) let them know that you support reinstating the athletic teams for a one year window in order to allow a committee of faculty, administrators and students to fairly assess other potential budget cuts that could save these sports.

The decision making process has been filled with inequities, mistakes and a lack of transparency:

· UC Davis cut Men's Swimming and Diving, Men's Wrestling, Women's Rowing and Men's Indoor Track giving the teams only a 6 week notice.
· 85% of funding for UCD athletics comes from students voluntary self-tax
· 22% student-athletes cut
· 0% administrators and staff cut
· 1993 there were 1,000 student-athletes w/ $2 million budget
· Fall 2010 520 student-athletes w/students providing $12 million of budget
· Students had previously voted in 1993, 1994 and 2003 to voluntarily self-tax themselves to finance athletics on the condition that no teams be cut.
· Initially the Athletic Department was required to reduce their budget by $1.79 million. The chancellor was able to restore $1 million to the budget and yet the committee persisted in cutting the teams.
· 2 faculty members resigned from the committee due to concerns of fairness.
· Not a transparent or fair process

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