Monday, May 17, 2010

...and so did The Metal.

On Senior Night for my boys' high school swim team last year, one of my guys shared the story of his first freshman swim practice. He had never been part of a sport where the coach taught "Heavy Metal History Lessons."

Yes. Really. I do that.

My swimmers know as
much about the gods of metal as they do about the stars of swimming. Lemmy Kilmister and Pablo Morales are equals at our facility. The legend of Diamond Head carries the same weight as the 4x 100 Free Relay at Beijing. When we make the horns, it is not the hook 'em horns of Texas... it is the horns of the headbanger.

We lost Ronnie James Dio this weekend. To me it is no coincidence that he passed away during Mayfest. He is being carried by Valkyries across the rainbow bridge to Valhalla as we speak.


  1. Sabbath will never be the same. That's awesome you teach your swimmers Heavy Metal History, it was such an intricate part of our workouts when I was in school. My best swimmers are always metal heads..hmmm!

  2. Very sad. I actually got a text about this the other night from the guy that got me started playing guitar. Horrible, and he'll certainly be missed.