Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A commercial that really speaks to me...

Spidey Saves the Day!

How freekin' cool is this? If you are gonna save someone from a high ledge you might as well be dressed for the occasion. link to article

Monday, March 30, 2009

Geoff Huegill speaks out.

Geoff Huegill is already an inspiration. Master's swimmers across the world are amazed and maybe even a little jealous with the way his comeback has evolved. Today he has brought his stock up even higher by speaking out at a conference on binge drinking.

Huegill makes the point that he can relate to Nick D'Arcy a little since he hasn't always been an angel himself. He agreed with D'Arcy's point that "
professional athletes on strict training regimes were more at risk of binge drinking. "

It sound like a major part of the motivation for Huegill's comeback is because his bad habits were interfering with his life to the point that he had to make a complete 180.

"From a very strict and balanced life I let myself go through excessive drinking, no exercise and poor diet. I was letting myself down, I was letting my family down and I was letting my friends down. Fortunately I realised I could no longer live a life of neglect."

I am sure that a lot of us former athletes can relate. After a long career with your face in the water, it is easy to let yourself go when you enter the real world.

I say, Huegill... you are no longer just the Rocky of swimming to me. You might be surprised to know that you now qualify as a role model in my book. Keep it up.


Everyone has a Sunday morning cartoon they can relate to, right? The Athletic Director / wrestling coach at my high school had a pretty amazing Hagar costume he wore to pep rallies once in a while. I really need to get my hands on that costume.

I have the horns to make a viking helmet... but I am probably just gonna have to order one someday.

I had a really great t-shirt in high school that had Hagar and another guy on a raft surrounded by sharks. On it, Hagar says "I need a volunteer to go for beer." Classic.

Can't beat it.