Monday, March 30, 2009

Geoff Huegill speaks out.

Geoff Huegill is already an inspiration. Master's swimmers across the world are amazed and maybe even a little jealous with the way his comeback has evolved. Today he has brought his stock up even higher by speaking out at a conference on binge drinking.

Huegill makes the point that he can relate to Nick D'Arcy a little since he hasn't always been an angel himself. He agreed with D'Arcy's point that "
professional athletes on strict training regimes were more at risk of binge drinking. "

It sound like a major part of the motivation for Huegill's comeback is because his bad habits were interfering with his life to the point that he had to make a complete 180.

"From a very strict and balanced life I let myself go through excessive drinking, no exercise and poor diet. I was letting myself down, I was letting my family down and I was letting my friends down. Fortunately I realised I could no longer live a life of neglect."

I am sure that a lot of us former athletes can relate. After a long career with your face in the water, it is easy to let yourself go when you enter the real world.

I say, Huegill... you are no longer just the Rocky of swimming to me. You might be surprised to know that you now qualify as a role model in my book. Keep it up.

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