Thursday, July 2, 2009

I don't think I have ever swam in a OOL.

1 in 5 pee in the pool? That's all? I am pretty sure every team I have ever been on had a better than 20% average. Some teams even took it a little further by peeing on people in the shower when they weren't looking. When you can cut loose during a flip turn, that's how you know you are a swim-pee ninja.

With all the coughing and hacking at the mizzou grand prix last year, the chloramines had to be pretty outrageous. Lots of pee-ninja's in that warm up session fo sho.

Don't we all wish there really was a chemical that could humiliate pool pee'ers with a red cloud when they let it go? I gotta find a way to fake that for a prank some day.

Since someone actually took the time to do a survey on it, I thought we would celebrate by embedding a couple of youtube vids. Enjoy:

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