Monday, July 13, 2009

Viking is Back to Interviewing!

While the Viking ship was docked in Indy, I was at a more important meet. Our summer league was competing in the long course pool! My team hooked me up with a video camera and I have been getting fun interviews with the kids for the team website. I am sure you can imagine that the Viking might get bored during some of those eight minute 200 IM's, and so I got a couple of fun vids for my blog too.

The head official for our conference is the greatest, but I had to pick on him because I was sitting next to his daughter, who coaches for a rival team and was once one of my club swimmers:

And then another former swimmer came by to chat. She was the head lifeguard in charge of meet day:

I think every team should buy their coach a camera. Down time at meets needs to be productive. Please take it for what it is, and enjoy the fun excursion.


  1. Umm Viking, it says "Private Video" when I try to click on these embeds. I hope you didn't upload the wrong thing...

  2. "Viking ship"? Isn't the right word "drakkar"? Sounds way sexier to my ears.

  3. can we get a confirmation about the blue seventy sponsorship money rumor floating around Flo..

  4. Are you guys going to put together another site, similiar to Flo? If not maybe you can link all the sites from here until then, Garrett's youtube channel and twitter and anything else you got going on.

    Lets start talking about a pro league again.