Thursday, July 23, 2009


There has been a lot of great stuff out there lately. Honestly, if the blog fight were still on, we would all be getting our butts kicked by Tony Austin over at SCAQ. He has been all over it lately.

For example, I have referenced more than once, the Sports Illustrated Vault article from 1974 about the Belgrade swimsuit and all of the turmoil it caused our sport that is so similar to today… but Tony finally gave it the treatment it deserves by comparing the similarities and then giving quotes on the speed suit controversy from some big names who have jumped ship regarding tech. You also have to go to his article on Libby Tricket’s decision to stay with Speedo and read the comments thread. There is some great discussion going on. Please check out his links.

Then, after I officially announced that we are in the age of asterisks, Mark Schubert decided it was time to go ahead and let everyone know is on board with the idea. He thinks everything since February 2008, including everything set in the LZR, should be marked as “artificially aided.” This would mean that when we look back upon the greatest feat in Olympic history, Micheal’s magic 8 golds, there would be an asterisk, just like a ball player on steroids. Do we really want to head in that direction? There are a lot of athletes out there who have been playing by the rules who deserve to be treated with respect when we decide the direction we are going to take regarding records if we go back to lycra. Let’s just hope Schubert’s influence doesn’t open another door to problems bigger than our decision makers could anticipate.

Sorry I don’t have any big announcements to make right now. Please be patient. The G is cooking up something, and you can expect the crew to bring you what you need from Rome. Keep tuning in. The ship is still sailin’… just waiting for the wind to pick up a little. In the meantime, click on every link in this post. There's lots of good stuff out there!


  1. You flatter me but I am just catching up to you.

    S0, how about that FINA rule change?

    We should make it a blogger law never to link to Craig Lord; (AKA Voldemort? Whose name should never be spoken), as penance for lobbying 4-times a day, every day, since Speedo starting sucking!

    BTW, are you the real anonymous?

  2. Hey so in case Garrett and I cant get ahold of one another in Rome, I will be there and will have a blog going for all things; pics, interviews if possible, recaps...ect here is the blog...just did predictions today...Spread the word!

  3. Oy sailors! I am glad to hear ship is still afloat and sailing. Oh? Wait a minute, I think I just spotted sails looming out in the distance through my periscope. Can't wait for Garrett's blogging activity to resume. :)

    Viking, thanks for the links!

  4. here is a place i can vent my fustration. Just a question about these new suit rules... what the heII is this sh*t about being able to wear a textile JAMMER in 2010? if fina says No swimmer shall be permitted to use or wear any device or swimsuit that may aid his/her speed, then why is fina allowing textile jammers? Hm? can anyone answer that question? if fina's justification for banning textile legskins/bodyskins exc. is that its aids in his/her speed, than can anyone explain to me why jammers which extend below the neccesary areas to be covered will be legal? Sounds like hypocrisy.

  5. Jammers mean that shy 12-and-unders won't have to wear speedos. The invention of the jammer was one of the best things for initial recruitment. Not very many 12 year olds want to wear speedos.

    I guess they are being fair to girls who dont like the wedge or the toe as well, though girls will be keeping basically all of the body suit area by that rule.