Monday, May 18, 2009


Hey, I love a good fight as much as the next guy. I just can’t pass up a good ninja fight, girl fight hell, I will even sit through some of the best and worst fight scenes ever to grace the boob tube. … and it had always been a lifelong dream to be part of a breakdance battle. (I have been training pretty darn hard for that 'just in case' scenario)... But now I want to reach for new heights.
I want to get into a full-on, knock down, drag-out


How awesome is this!? Brett Hawke has had enough of Craig Lord’s tech-suit smearing rants and the fight is on!
In case you haven't been following along:
-It started when Lord made it personal with Auburn alum Fred Bousquet with this gem

-Then Bousquet tried to play nice with this one
-Then Brett Hawke decided it was time to throw down the gauntlet
-Then Craig Lord flew over the cuckoo’s nest with his response

I absolutely can't wait to see what comes next. This is just too good to be true! The comments at floswim have been spectacular. I only wish swimnews allowed user comments. I can just imagine what they might add to this epic, grueling battle.

Now hear this... all you swim bloggers out there. I am calling you out. Yeah, that means you Scott the Canuck, Eric Teske, Tony Austin, 17th man, RobD'Aquatics or whatever the hell your name is, Chris DeSantis, Darren Grose, Trent Staley, Bob Button, Jeff Grace, Mrs Coach, Obnoxious Swim Mom... I even want to call out the old crew from Timed Finals! Where in the hell are you guys!? Gustafsen, you need to get your gloves on!
Let's throw down! There has to be something we can disagree about! I bet I can out-hyperlink all your asses! My google image searching skills are second to none. You want snarky?! I can throw snarky comments until you are all left unable to type, as your jaws (and your self-esteem) will drop onto your keyboard.

We could have the greatest blog battle of all time, right here right now! Let's rumble!
It's high noon, suckas. Are you in, or are you too skeered?!


  1. It's on like Donkey Kong!

  2. I'm scared. Mommy and Daddy are fighting. Is it my fault?

  3. I'll fight you any day viking. Am I allowed to use modern weapons against your battle axe?

  4. as long as I get to bring in my elmer fudd style spear and magic helmet. :)

  5. Craig Lord should jump off a very high cliff

  6. lol "Blog Fight!!" and we all coming running on the playground to watch