Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last weekend was Mayfest in Petersburg, Alaska. It is the celebration of Syttende Mai, which is Norwegian Constitution Day. It is the greatest party on earth, and every year I get awfully homesick when May 17 rolls around. I haven’t been home for the Little Norway Festival in over 15 years.

Petersburg celebrates this Norwegian holiday because the town was founded by Norwegians over 100 years ago and the Norwegian heritage is very strong to this day.

I have tracked down a few good pics and links so you readers can get a taste. If you ever wanted to travel to Alaska, you really need to plan it around the third weekend of May.

And yeah… our high school and swim club mascot was the Viking, which is why my online moniker is what it is. Some of the pics below are links to more info about Petersburg and this unique tradition. I am hoping to be sent more pictures soon.

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