Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thanks to the Viking, Reaching Your Athletes Just Got Easier

The kids are always on their phones nowadays right?  I mean, back in the day we used to stand up, stretch and at least shake our arms around ten minutes before the race.  Now kids are looking at little tiny screens before and after a swim.  I have one girl on my team who can do the entire Ab Ripper X video without ever looking up from her phone, texting the entire time. Some kids even have the fancy water-proof cases on their phones and set them at the end of the lane right next to their cappuccino during practice. I don't even stop them from texting through kick sets any more. How are we supposed to get through to them in this day and age?

By playing their game better than them... that's how.

I bestow upon you a great gift today.  One that will modernize your coaching arsenal and make you more powerful than a jedi who took time to meditate right before he got sliced in half in a kick-ass lightsaber duel.  Seriously, it is time to make a "text pics" folder on your iPhone right now.  I have been collecting funny gifs and pictures since spring sectionals and I occasionally send them to my athletes to get my message across.  It has brought much joy to my team communication.  Here is a small sample:

"Hey coach, what's practice like today?"
"Yeah, your start was that bad."

I use this one a lot.  It has really improved my marriage as well.

When someone throws up during sprints at morning practice.
When they go out too fast and manage to hang on.
When they go out too fast and don't manage to hang on.

Here's to a good swim

"Hey coach, can I do one-arm on the fly?"
"Hey coach, is it okay if I am a little late to practice today?"

For when they see how hard this practice is really gonna be... "I'm sorry.  I love you."
This works for just about every excuse in the book.

some of my favorite ways to respond to whining.
..sometimes I even pretend I am revving up a tiny motorcycle in my mouth like this guy
for when I really need to psyche up the relay.

I am betting Bob Bowman was wishing he had this one a couple of years ago.
every male college sprinter needs to be sent this one at least once.
Come on coaches, you got any good ones you wanna share? Let's see them in the comments.

*here's an iphone secret for you.  Since gif's play when they are received over mms, but don't play while you are creating the message: if you can't remember what the gif does in action, tap the envelope as though you are sending it as an email so you can see it play, then go back and send it as a text.