Wednesday, November 30, 2011

View From the Stands: Swim Fans Rejoice!

                                                   Hip Hip Hooray!

Okay swim fans, is everyone here?  There's A LOT going on, good stuff.  How 'bout Urban Meyer going to Ohio State?  Wait, wrong sport........ sorry.

First up, Speedo is about to unleash it's big secret today, the Speedo Fastskin 3.  Guaranteed to make all you swimmers faster than Michael Phelps during the last 50 of a 200 fly.  It's FINA-approved so it must "look" normal.  I'll never forget everyone sitting around the Today Show in '08 looking like crosses between Aqua Man and extras from some rubber fettish film.   I noticed there's not a lot of media yet (as of midnight the night before) but there's this:

Secondly, Ryan "Jeah" Lochte has been nominated by Kelli Anderson as Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year.  It's a great article.  As a swim fan it makes me proud of "our" athletes who work so hard....usually not for the nearly the same fortune, fame and glory as say, an NFL or NBA player who is always on the cover.  This is great for the sport.  Kelli's article is here:

Lastly, 2011 AT&T Winter National Championships begin on Thursday in Atlanta.  Our very own Chris Desantis and Michael Gustafson will be there so, if not for any other reason, check it out.  They've worked really hard on their mash-up and they've got some some really hot dance moves.  The psych sheet can be found here:

Good stuff!  Yippee!!


  1. Putting "get a pic with DeSantis and Gus" on my to-do list for the weekend. ;) That's great about Lochte and SI! It will be well-deserved if he wins it.

  2. Robin:

    Should be a great meet there in Atlanta! Sorry Swim Viking and I will not be there, we've decided to keep our commitment to "keep it real" here in Missouri because, yes, we're that selfless. Have a great time!

  3. Here's the writer of that Fastskin3 article wearing the whole getup:

    Looking kinda goofy in those new goggles doesn't look like it'll be a problem. Wonder how much the whole "system" is going to cost? My guess right now is about $500.

  4. And Robin, I'll be on deck mostly but probably a lot easier to find than Gus, who probably won't be allowed to watch the actual swimming and will instead be handcuffed to a laptop.

  5. That's okay, Chris, I won't be on deck at all obviously but you'll no doubt hear my rowdy children (or me shushing them at starts) in the stands.

  6. the "system" is such a scam. so people pay for all three items. the goggles look way too outrageous

  7. swimming has become too much about "the suit." people need to focus on the sport itself more

  8. garrett??? FLOswim...