Saturday, February 5, 2011

More Horned Helmet Envy...

A friend sent me this awesome Viking helmet pic this morning:  

I have to say, I have never wanted to sign up for a knitting class so badly in my life.  Of course, if I took the time to learn to crochet, I would probably be stupid enough to attempt to make one with horns like this:  

Damn, that's awesome.  That would take a lot of yarn.


  1. great post with the viking helmet with the knitted beard - I actually found that and was trying to find a way to post it to you here. a friend of mine is a knitter. if she's up to it, I will totally have her make you one! (once I get mine first, of course).

  2. i am knitting as i type... not really. but way cool idea. i got goats... wish he had a rack like that. i got to admit Vike, i envy your goat.

  3. He's one impressive Alpine Ibex