Monday, August 1, 2011

Gutter Talk: Bodysuits Back in 2013?

SwimNews recently reported that FINA will be revisiting the tech suit issue in 2013 with consideration of equal coverage for men and women with textile fabric being allowed to cover the body from knees to shoulders.  Among other issues, some feel this would be beneficial in that sponsors would be given space to advertise, while others think that covering the male torso will eliminate some of swimming's sex appeal.  


"This is not enough.  All world records should be erased from the books unless they were set in wool body suits.  Period."  Johnny W-  Former World Record Holder.

"No, dude... stick with the brief.  You know you want this!"  Chris D- Swim Blogger
"Advertising space should be a priority if you want to grow the sport.  You might think it's the mustache and the physique, but really chicks dig all the logo's."  Johnny F- NASCAR Driver

"Getting rid of tech suits was just plain unfair to us guys with man-boobs.  I haven't gone a single best time since Rome '09.  Bring them back!"  Brett C- Former Professional Swimmer

"Body suits are a bad idea.  If we all wore two pieces, equal coverage wouldn't be an issue and the sport wouldn't lose all it's sex appeal."  Tito J- Unemployed

"I bet I could make them change their minds..."  Michael P-  World Traveler


  1. I think the women should stay neck to knee, men should get waist to ankle.

  2. I think the women should move to as minimal coverage as possible.

  3. Jammers are enough. Its obvious to see based on Worlds this year, the men are making strides towards some of these records. It really only has been two years since the ban and men and women are scaring and breaking them. So much for forever...

  4. I still want to bring back full body rubber, but I suppose I am never going to win that argument.

    As I predicted when everyone was working themselves into a panic about how none of the records would be broken, we already have a couple new world records and there are plenty more on the way.

  5. Let the Counsilman Center or MIT figure out when we have reached our physical human limits and then bring back the rubber. Then we can see just how fast a human can travel in the water.

  6. Why don't women wear two pieces instead? Jammers with a separate top? Oh that's right, this is about money and nothing else.

  7. There would still be a mix of men having tops and not having, so it wouldn't eliminate any sex appeal. Some like me find having tops on men more appealing so I see go for it!

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