Sunday, July 31, 2011

Late Night Snack: Wait, there's more!!!

Yes swim fans, just when you thought it was safe to return to your job, your family and your friends remember Nats start on Tuesday!  That's right folks, your National Team will stumble into the Avery Aquatic Center in Stanford jet-lagged, disoriented and exhausted.  I expect Ryan Lochte to sit his ass down, open a huge bag of In n Out, crack open a case of Bud and order Coach Troy to scratch everything.  At least Coughlin and Phelps had the wherewithal to just go home.  Our very own Chris DeSantis will also be on scene without the distraction of Team Denmark.

Here's the psych sheet:


  1. At this point Ryan should have free range to do whatever he wants, haha. I wouldn't be shocked if he balanced that Bud can on the top of his forehead during the 200 back, while still chewing the last of his 2nd double-double... and probably winning.

  2. Vollmer is scratching? She's listed on the psych sheet in the 100m fly, 50m free and 100m free. Oh yeah, and getting married in a few weeks, and that whole altitude training thing... The schedule these young athletes keep makes me tired by association.