Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Braden Keith Loves Chinese Backstrokers

Mmmmmm...Gao Chang with whipped cream

I seriously can't believe what I just read. I went over to The Swimmers Circle to do my usual trolling for something to link to here for the afternoon. What do I find but Braden Keith's World Championship predictions?  I'll save you the time of reading the entire post. He picks the Chinese to sweep gold in women's backstroke. He's also been spending the last year mocking me for picking Gao Chang last year in the 100 back. As you might imagine, everyone has their opinion

I'll be posting some similar selections here in the near future. We will also have a roundtable discussion posted on the site with Ritchie MP Cummins, Tom Duke and a couple other guest in advance of the meet. You should also continue to expect Fearless Shanghai picks to appear during the night time. Although I am probably the president of the "America will lose" gloom and doom club, I don't think I'll go as far as Braden did and only pick 4 american medalists. That's just unpatriotic.


  1. I think the women have their work cut out for them.. but stranger things have happened.. The men, I think they are going to be just fine..

  2. 100 back != 50 back. SC != LC. Racing Jing Zhao != Not Racing Jing Zhao. Dubai != Shanghai. Picking for one gold != "Stone Cold Lock to sweep all backstroke events for the rest of history."

    Romeo and Juliet. Bill and Hillary (and Monica). Michael and Tito. Desantis and Gao Chang. Couples that will live on in history forever.

  3. Thanks Lisa. And to answer your next question - it was quite as delicious as it looks.