Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Grades: Day Four

Day Four is in the books. As always, we here at the Swim Brief break down the Grades, this time organizing them into the day's Great, Good, and Ugly. 

Michael Phelps: A. He defended his World 200m butterfly title, and has now won his signature event back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back. Still, he was quite a distance away from his Beijing time. Does it really matter? No. It’s just good to see The Greatest be great.

Nathan Adrian: B+. I’m giving him a B+ because he competed in the semi-finals, BUT he swam very fast. 48.0 is a quick time, and landed him one-tenth-of-a-second away from Magnusson. Adrian really came through last summer, but leaping from a Pan Pacific Championship to a World Championship is a big one. However, it’s the next step the Cal Bear needs to take prior to London. Sprinting is all a mental game. Is Adrian headstrong enough to take this event? Would it be an upset over the Aussie and Brazilian?

Federica Pelligrini: A++. She was trending on Twitter, which means a lot of people were watching swimming today (Desantis and I were audio commenting the finals at 6am EST).

Tomorrow’s Men's 200IM Set-Up: B. While on paper this should be an epic show-down, I’m not quite sure Phelps will beat Lochte here. We saw Lochte just dominate Phelps the final 50m last year in Irvine, and Lochte’s mid-freestyle only looks stronger than ever. Phelps might be riding a wave of momentum after his 200m fly win, but Lochte has thought about this showdown too long to lose. This will be the best race in London, but not tomorrow.

Sun Yang: B+. Sure, he’s the best ever in the 800m distance. But I’d like to see what he can do in the 1500m next year. Can he top Grant Hacket’s seemingly untouchable 1500m world record next year? The 19-year-old is definitely China’s new superstar-in-the-making, but the Chinese do just fine on their standardized tests without having to ace this one. Keep your eye on this one.

Universal’s Live Feed: Says something about a sport when you can get the biggest meet in 3 years live, but you have to pay 10 bucks to get it. I don’t want to pay 10 bucks to get it. And if I do pay 10 bucks to get it, I want stellar commentary and pristine tech support. Reportedly the feed went down today. Not cool.

Illegal Dolphin Kick? Check out this Swimming World story on an alleged illegal dolphin kick used by Felipe Silva. Watch the video and sound off, because I’m pretty sure breaststroke is not butterfly, and visa-versa.


  1. Yao Ming?? Don't you mean Yang Sung??

  2. Also, check Universal Sports (2:05 mark) for the unedited video clearly showing Dale Oen dolphining into the wall. Braden has some good commentary on the issue over at

  3. Uh, yeah, I did mean that. I was reading Braden's comparison between the two, and must have gotten sleepy-eyed. Braden's got some good stuff over there, as does Swimming World's Jeff Commings, along with video.

  4. Like Braden said, there's been a long history of cheating/almost cheating/is-he-cheating in breaststroke. That's because breaststrokers are no-good, dirty scoundrels, like that Desantis kid.

  5. aussies swimming lights out, NA takes 2 but breaks 48

  6. 100 Free: I so badly want to say Adrian.. but I have I think its going to be

    Magnusson, Adrian and Gilot.. I think Cielo is going to just miss 3rd

  7. I would love to see an Adrian victory, but I don't think it's going to happen. He looked like he was really pushing it in the semi this morning, so I don't know if he can go a lot faster. My picks:

    1. Magnusson
    2. Cielo
    3. Adrian

    I just hope Cielo doesn't win, so we can all be spared from his weeping. It's getting tiresome, buddy.

  8. You suppose Cielo will cry if he doesn't win? I feel we will not be spared the waterworks in any scenario. I really would love to see Adrian win as well, but Maggie is just not going to let it happen.

    Unfortunately, the dirty scoundrel is right based upon the field and the footage. If you aren't pushing the limits, you are at a disadvantage.

    Viking, quit freaking out, dude.

  9. When I see the picture up top, I immediately am reminded of this commercial.

    (Enjoy responsibly)