Thursday, July 14, 2011

Late Night Snack: Josh Davis in a Movie?

Hey kids, you can pursue excellence in life, even if your mom makes you wear a ridiculous hat and sweater vest like this.

Josh Davis is one of the most accomplished swimmers in history and in my opinion he may be our sport's greatest ambassador.  He is a real class act.  If you have never attended one of his Mutual of Omaha Breakout! Swim Clinics, you are missing out.  He is incredibly inspirational and after hearing him deliver his message to a large group of kids you will be left with no question about why he was chosen to be the captain of the 2000 American Olympic Squad in Sydney.

Even though he is the 39 year old father of five children, travels four days a week giving clinics and speeches, and is actually giving it another shot at picking up a trial cut in the 50 for 2012, Josh is not too busy to take on a new project.  He is now officially an actor. reported recently that Josh Davis has filled a small role in the upcoming film "Return to the Hiding Place" in which he is playing a Dutch resistance agent helping to protect Jews in Holland from the Nazi's in World War II.  The director says he is "totally comfortable in front of the cameras," but that won't surprise all of us swimmers.  Josh ain't scared of anything.  He has raced with the best in the world.

Early in the article he makes a joke about always wishing someone would ask him to play Aquaman because he can hold his breath for a long time, but at the end he quips about another superhero he would like to play:  Captain America.

Hey, I like Chris Evans and all, but can you imagine?...  For comic fans that might be the hardest role in history to fill, and in my opinion Josh Davis would totally rock that character.  This fanboy says hell yeah!

Put Josh Davis in that costume, slap all of his gold medals around his neck, and terrorists would probably just turn themselves in to the police at the movie premier.   

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  1. I can totally see Josh Davis in a movie! We've had the pleasure of meeting him at a few GP meets and he is such a big, friendly personality.