Friday, August 19, 2011

Yet Another Unreasonable Firing! Sue Everyone!

Maybe he has a chance as a beach lifeguard. Or a contractor.

It's ridiculous! Somebody call the lawyers! Burger King didn't just fire their King... according to Yahoo! News they decapitated him!

In my opinion the King was the only thing they had going for them. This makes no sense. What is wrong with people in this country!? Our beloved King probably did something small like refuse to wear a speedo to work or had on a t-shirt with the wrong mascot. The CEO of Burger King probably went to Oklahoma State. This sucks!

And to make it worse, in the comments of the Yahoo! article there are people making unsubstantiated accusations, calling him a child molester and accusing him of being caught eating at McDonalds as though he is some kind of burger traitor. How dare they! I hope the Burger Queen takes them for everything they have-- every damn one of those dirty SOB's!

Long Live the King!


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