Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Olympic Numbers Game

Since I caught a bunch of grief for not sharing some of my "other" "swim" "writing" here's an article I wrote yesterday for USA Swimming. My numbers might be off, and perhaps the rest of you can come up with some better/funnier/edgier/sexier numbers (like the sheer number of condoms used at each Olympics), but here are some pretty fun facts I discovered during my morning research (performed while sipping coffee and listening to my 25 lb. cat wail and moan for more food, the fat piece of fat):

.00014%: Percent chance you’ll qualify for the Olympics if you are a USA Swimming swimmer. 

9,600: Miles (estimate) that the average competitive swimmer swims between Olympics every four years. 

360: Days until the rematch between Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps in the 200IM in London. (Of course they have to qualify first.)

360: Days until I throw up from sheer excitement. 

 Read the rest of the article here, and so but now finally heretofore and thus, Desantis, stop hassling me!


  1. Beijing had 100,000 condoms available for the athletes.. I wonder how many the swimmers used?

    I remember reading after the Sydney games, that they ran out after the first week

  2. what?!? are serious 100,000?...I've known some people to get themselves from feeling good in the water to some taper funk when they've hooked up during taper