Thursday, February 12, 2015

Interesting Stats at Complete Nutrition

A couple of my athletes have been stopping by a place called Complete Nutrition lately, which seems to be a place that focuses on supplements and meal replacement products for the bodybuilding crowd.  Both of these athletes are beyond high school age and it is nice to see them taking an interest in nutrition.  They have been asking me a lot of questions and bringing up things they are learning as they read up on it.

I got curious about visiting the store because one of those swimmers has been checking in there to get detailed stats on his body composition.  He was actually able to tell me how much his body fat percentage had improved and exactly what his lean mass is.

So I stopped by the store and had mine evaluated.  Now, I can't make an argument for accuracy here, but the last time I had this done was during a school health fair where they bring in doctors and collect stats and hand out flyers for different programs they offer, but it was far enough into my LCHF diet that I had already lost the weight with running and weighed about 171 with around 10 or 11% body fat.  That would put my lean mass at approximately 154 pounds.

Since then (probably over a year) I feel like I look more fit but I had to go to Complete Nutrition to satisfy my curiosity.  The machine they have just requires you to take your shoes off, stand on some foot pads and hold onto a bar with sensors to press with your thumbs.  Apparently it determines your body composition based on electric currents somehow.  Sorry I don't know much about it.

I came away with a sheet that says I weigh 174.7, with 7.3% body fat and 161.8 pounds of lean mass.  This is very interesting to me as apparently I have gained 7 pounds of muscle while only gaining three pounds over-all.  And this is without lifting weights.  At age 40.

...and I keep getting faster too.  This morning after I completed a round of 100 breast targets USRPT style and scored 15+12+6, (a pretty good score considering I just moved my target time down about half a second not too long ago,) I took a 100 easy and then pushed my fastest 100 breast with-out a dive ever.  1:03.0.  Even better, I was out in 29.  For me, that's a big deal. I am feeling pretty good about the spring sectional meet coming up.  I have already seen significant improvements since the pro-am in December and I am pretty sure it will translate to better racing as long as I am healthy when I get there.

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