Friday, July 10, 2009

Chris DeSantis

Day 3 Thoughts from Indy

1. This morning was the predictable hangover morning. The crowd could barely muster any energy for the morning session, and neither, seemingly, could most of the swimmers. I was incredibly excited to watch some of Auburn's foreign contingent drop in for the 50 free. We were treated to a sizzling 22.1 by Freddy Bousquet, who looked like he was waiting for a second starting beep. The women's 400 IM saw the majority of the contenders pacing themselves for a nighttime battle. Thankfully, morning gave way to the night, which was definitely..

2. The best session of the meet thus far. Seriously, tonight was a treat. The men's 50 free gave us not one but two awesome races. The first was a nail biting finish that saw Nathan Adrian step out and set up a rare splash and dash swim off for a World Championship spot between Garrett Weber-Gale and Cullen Jones. The B final let us see the second fastest 50 freestyle of all time ahead of the swimmer who had the fastest 50 freestyle of all time. I'd say that was the most exciting part of the night if Michael Phelps hadn't led wire to wire to set the world record in the 100 fly and somehow looked less excited than Tyler McGill punching his ticket in the lane next to him. Which brings me to my final point:

3. Brett Hawke: Making America Better. I've gotten a couple of chances to talk to Brett this weekend. He's very excited that he's got some American swimmers on the World Champs squad. Some would count Mark Gangloff as a David Marsh product, but I think both coaches would give each other some credit. Tyler has made great strides since last summer. Is it too late to make Brett one of our World Champ team coaches? Nevermind, I forgot that all his swimmers were wearing Jakeds, which is totally cheating. Lets run him out of the sport.


  1. Flip Flops RetailerJuly 10, 2009 at 1:24 PM

    TY for your post, Chris!

    Since you had a chance to talk with Hawke, do you know what is really going on with Freddie Bousquet? A rumour has been spreading since the last Med Games, that he was experiencing some serious burnout. I just read an interview he gave to French newspaper L'Equipe and it isn't encouraging at all...

  2. I would not trust anything you read in L'Equipe. Their profession seems to be to stir up shit. In fact, I was joking yesterday as I eyed the vacant spot at the media table for L'Equipe that they had asked me to fill in their coverage for them. All I had to do was make up some drug rumors and give vague unattributed quotes about people cheating.

  3. Sorry, that was me (Chris). Can't speak for Viking's feelings on the topic.

  4. Phelps fought his burnout by concentrating on shorter events. Since Freddie is a sprinter maybe he should use the same approach and start concentrating on the 1500! :)

  5. If I was Fred, here's how I would feel:

    Two months ago, I swam really really fast. I probably wished Worlds was the next day. I was on top of the world. Since then, I have had to bide my time somewhat. In reality, the suspense is probably wearing on him somewhat. I think he will be ready for Rome.

  6. Flip Flops RetailerJuly 10, 2009 at 1:55 PM

    @ Viking

    Oh wow. So basically, you're saying L'Equipe biaised Freddie's words during the interview...
    Mmm, not the first time that I hear such bad press from the US about this newspaper. Interesting. Or should I say rather disturbing, actually. I sort of knew their soccer columns were a Speedo-fudging farce but swimming? Have we us French/Belgians/Swiss been brainwashed from the very beginning?

  7. Flip Flops RetailerJuly 10, 2009 at 2:09 PM

    @ Chris

    Also, he said a couple of times he might scratch the 100 individual to focus on relay and 50 free at the worlds anyways. So yeah, I should stop worrying... ;D

  8. Exciting indeed. All of us at home or coaching during finals are waiting for the weekend, oh wait I have a swim meet to work all weekend...Delaying the "quality" video for the weekend, thanks a bunch NBC/USA Swimming.

    In any event, what is going on in Auburn is nothing short of amazing. He is fostering excellence down their by getting these guys to help each other out (one of the last Hawke Talks :( ) while swimming against each other at meets and it is working. I need to bottle that ---- and bring it out here ASAP. Great job Auburn Sprint!

  9. Whoa, Chris... be careful with my log-in info! Make sure you log in as yourself when you make inflammatory comments.

    I already have Mark Schubert, Craig Lord and the Speedo Corporation out to get me. The last thing I need is L'Equipe, the newspaper that almost took out Lance Armstrong, added to my list of powerful hate-groupies.

    Viking! :)

  10. gwg leaves his medal on the class!

  11. For real? G-dub-G could have given that medal to some kid.