Sunday, July 12, 2009

Garrett McCaffrey: Thoughts After WCT

Again, I can't thank you all enough for the support over the past week. It has been overwhelming to hear from everyone and the people's voice is screaming for the kind of coverage they missed this week. I've got some great interviews, but there are some challenges uploading without a computer. I should get them up over the next few days on youtube the channel is TheGmccaffrey. One in particular that stands out is Aaron Peirsol's after his 200 Back. He doesn't consider himself the world record holder, because Irie swam faster in pretty much the same suit. Hopefully it'll be up soon.
My take on nationals this week? Team USA looks a lot younger this summer, particularly on the girl's side. It's going to be very interesting to see how this squad steps up to what, on paper, appears to be a big challenge. I think they will. Why? Because they have to. Chloe Sutton knows that an 8:29 in the 800 won't get her very far in Rome. Same with Jackson Wilcox in the 1500, who told me he'll be much faster at Worlds. I expect the American sprinters to step up after seeing faster times in the B heat this week. Sprinters are usually gamers. We still have our strengths but with the Boy Wonder only swimming 3 events Team USA is going to need more than what we saw this week to continue the dominance we've grown accustom to.
I stopped by the first practice for team USA today, and just watched from the stands. Keep in mind it is the day after the meet, so nothing exciting going on. A lot of basic back and forth. Here are some notes:
-There's a reason Dan Madwed was right with PVK in the 400: that's where he is all day long in practice.
-Dana Vollmer can keep up with the guys, she was the only girl leading the lane. For what it's worth, I think these were the lane leaders: Wilcox, Lochte, Vanderkaay, Madwed, Clary, Phelps, Volmer, Tarwater.
-Dave Walters sucks at breastroke
-Phelps doesn't care if people swim ahead of him in practice, but he does send out reminders every now and again like blasting the last 25 of a kick set. Also, the man has a back pack (6 pack on his back). I just made up the name because I don't think I've ever seen one before.
-After being reminded this week where we stand with the sprinters, it is great to see Mike Bottom on the coaching staff.
-Elizabeth Beisel is as bubbly in practice as she is in interviews.
-Even elite swimmers pull on the lane line in practice.
That's all I have for now. But be looking for those video interviews this week.


  1. Another great post. Can't wait to see the vids and more posts.


  2. "Phelps doesn't care if people swim ahead of him in practice, but he does send out reminders"

    Speaking of lane jam, I'd like to see another episode of Bean...

    "Also, the man has a back pack".

    Huh? O__o

    "Even elite swimmers pull on the lane line in practice."

    From a totally hypocrite lap swimmer's perspective I can testify elites ARE actually those who do it the most! ;P

  3. what would you expect jackson wilcox to say? no way he comes close to the podium this time, maybe in the future...

  4. hahhaha the end is hilarious

  5. great post garret glad to see your still going to stay with it!

  6. I'm so glad you were able to be at the Nat this past week. As a fan of yours and all you bring to the sport of swimming, I was so pleased to spot you down on the pool deck in Indy. While I wasn't able to say "hi" in person and let you know how much I appreciate your coverage of the athletes and the sport, I'll say it now. Keep up the amazing work, Garrett. :)

  7. Great to see you aren't letting anyone slow you down! Thanks for the reports. Keep up the great work!

  8. Interesting comments, Garrett- will be looking to more from you in the future!