Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Viking!: Blueseventy has it right...

No matter what happens with suits in the future, I am confident that Blueseventy will keep growing as a company. They are doing everything right. While keeping close tabs on the FINA approval process I have listened to a lot of what they have had to say, and the phrase that has always stood out with me was “our first concern is the customers who have already bought a suit.” In the face of possibly losing huge investments over whatever FINA decided to do next, these guys just didn’t want people to feel screwed over buying their product, or be scared away from buying their product because of uncertainty regarding future rule changes, even if it was all out of their hands.

I have never worn their suits, but I have a few swimmers who love them. I do have a NERO backpack and a pair of the RZR goggles. The bag is the best I have ever owned. Comfortable, durable, and just the right pockets for my gear. It has actually replaced the two bags I was lugging around to meets and practice every day. The wet pocket could fit every piece of swim gear I have ever owned… it is huge. It was obviously designed by guys who are out there training. The goggles are by far the most durable I have ever tried. As a coach, I spend a lot of time fixing my swimmers’ goggles on the fly. Every issue that makes goggles fall apart in practice has been addressed with the RZR. They won’t fall apart. I think they were designed to withstand monster jellyfish attacks during open water swims. I have been recommending them to all of my swim families.

Both products fit exactly into my view of Blueseventy so far as a company. They are all about creating quality products and doing whatever it takes to develop a loyal customer base. They care about their customers and that is what generates word-of-mouth business.

Today, Blueseventy sent out a press release regarding their buy-back program. Anyone who has purchased a Blueseventy pool competition suit since April 1st can claim a 50% discount on a new suit if their current suit is rendered illegal by FINA in January. Of course, Blueseventy will release a FINA legal pool suit no matter what 2010 brings. I received a press release by email, but it is a file that I don’t have a way to attach to my blog. You will have to check for details on the buyback program at blue

It is refreshing to see a company looking out for customers with such a unique program. No matter what side of the fence you are on regarding suits, you have to admit that the buy-back program is pretty awesome.

And, no... they didn't pay me to post this as an ad. I really am that impressed with them. :)

EDIT: Thanks to Bob Button at the Texas Swimming Blog for telling me about scribd. Here is the press release and some details:

Nero Buy Back Print

Blue Seventy Buy Back FINAL 2010


  1. I got the same email about the discount and unlike yourself...I was not impressed at all. I love B70s racing suits and googles too...BUT what about all those people (like myself) who get these suits as a Holiday present? Do you think that B70 is going to reimburse people to the full extent that get their suit on christmas of 2009 only to find out that the suit is illegal 6 days later? Nope they issue a statement that basically says if you waste a ton of cash on one of their suits that they will let you buy an inferior non tech suit from B70 for half price...what a rip off!!

  2. and what would you propose a company do?... quit selling suits until FINA makes up their minds? Considering the craziness of the tech suit mess, I think this is a good way to stand by their products. I think there are a lot of very nervous swimsuit purchasers out there lately, dreading January 1st.

  3. Wow Anon, pretty harsh considering they don't have to do this. You must work for the brothers over a flocrap to be so negative.

    I am not the biggest fan of some of the tech suits (fabric and $$$), but it would be hypocritical of me to not accept them. I had a paper suit, aquablade and FS1 when they came out. In any event a company like Blue70 offering a buy back program is excatly what SV wrote about. Its not a safety issue, or a quality issue its a personal ethics issue and they obviously have more than some swim equipment companies dominating the market.

  4. I think it's great.

    Blue Seventy is not only standing by their product, but also the customer.
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  5. Yeah, this is awesome. I bought a blueseventy suit in April and have worn in at three meets already and will probably wear it in a couple open water swims, then maybe another meet or two in the fall. With this buyback program I have no doubt I'll get my money's worth and have no reservations about replacing my current suit with one of their products!