Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Note from Garrett McCaffrey

First of all, I can't thank you enough for all the support. I am truly overwhelmed by all the kind words that people have sent my way over the past few days. I'm still exploring all options when it comes to the next step, but right now I'm trying to get my hands on a camera here in Indy so that we can get some interviews from Nationals.

Swims like Aaron's 100 back last night and breakouts like Tyler Clary and Elizabeth Pelton deserve to be recognized. I'm working on it so stay tuned. As for tonight, we could see a WR in the 100 fly and the 50 free. Also look for the 100 breastroke WR to fall up north as this morning Anamay Peirse was 30.4 on the way out in her 100 Breast this morning at Canadian Nationals.

I started up a Twitter account, gmccaffrey, so check that out as I'll be updating that from the pool tonight.
I'll let you know where to find the videos as soon as I get them. Thanks again for all your support, it has truly been amazing.


  1. Hey i wasnt able to find your Twitter can you post the link on here?

  2. Garrett if I could overnight a camera to you I would in a heartbeat. Glad to read your voice again, keep fighting the good fight.

    Oh, not sure if you have visited your old stomping grounds but I think the brothers have at least three or four new orifices each ripped open by the collective mouths of thousands of your supporters.

    Patiently waiting your interviews and latest venture.

  3. Garrett - as I'm sure you've read, you've got a huge following and we can't wait for you to get set up with your next endevour.. I tried to find you on twitter but there was no "gmccaffrey"?

    Keep up the amazing work,

  4. So about waiting patiently, that went out the window. I found an interview with Peirsol after the BK. Terrible questions. Nothing about what he has been focusing on this season, what stood out (good or bad) about his race., his disgusting 2nd 50 and what that means for the 200? Nothing, a big fat post-GM- -flowswimming goose egg. You have certainly spoiled us informed consers of swimming, hurry it up already. -coacherik

  5. Flip Flops RetailerJuly 10, 2009 at 5:12 AM

    Very inspired pieces of prose, coacherik! LMAO!

  6. Thom-
    I found Garrett's Twitter account. It is

    I can't wait to see wait how much more you will impact the swimming community with your great commentating. Nice to read your blog again its a breath of fresh chlorine.


  7. Garrett, what made your work at floswimming (and actually made flo a worthwhile site) was that you really understand the sport. This came through not just in interviews, but even in your play-by-play announcing of races.

    The comments you would make, mostly extemporaneous almost always made sense and were interesting. On the networks, you'd get people who either had a broadcasting background but knew nothing about swimming (see Dan Hicks) or you'd get someone who knew something about swimming, but mostly played the role of cheerleader (Rowdy). Watching NBC or ESPN, I would often ask myself, "why doesn't he mention this?" or "is he even looking at the race?"

    From you I actually would learn something, and you never said stuff that was directly contradicted by what was happening on screen. And you made it sound easy, even though I know that it is not. Wherever you end up, I think you have a great future.

  8. loving how you are thinking about the canadians now! comments about amanda reason's 50 wr?