Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Week in: The Swim Brief

This week in: The Swim Brief is Thunder God approved
On "This Week in the Swim Brief" we offer you a rewind of the best our blog had to offer in the past week. It's a chance to catch up if you've been away or are just joining us. It's also a chance for us to to look back and take another look at what we wrote and whether its still relevant. Enjoy:

We began the week with the fear that beef in Shanghai, the site of this summer's World Championship, may be tainted. Could this be this summer's Delhi Belly, except with drug testing implications? Part of he hopes so, if only so I can read multiple self-righteous Craig Lord posts over the course of a single day.

On Wednesday, our very own Shawn Klosterman hit the big time when he was interviewed by Swimming World about the Joplin Tornado. Don't forget to visit our Joplin Tornado page for any and all updates on what you can do.

On Thursday, we found out that Megan Jendrick is having a baby! The Screaming Viking points out that this will set the table for a showdown between the two hottest moms in swimming next summer in Omaha.

Finally, our week came to an end when Janet Evans made her comeback official. The next day, she went out and set masters records in the 400 and 800 free. The first and most obvious comparison that will be made is to Dara Torres, but we prefer another 80s superstar: Sylvester Stallone. Wait, he got caught with what? Scratch that.

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