Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ritchie MP Cummins: "Welcome to Twitter, Debbie Phelps!"

I am ninja-level pumped to get tweets from the real Debbie Phelps!  Hiyaaahhh!

I have a big announcement guys!  Michael Phelps and Bob Bowman both sent out a tweet welcoming super-duper gold medal swim mom of the universe Debbie Phelps to the world of twitter.  That's right!  They personally invited all of their tweeps like me to follow her. I am waaaayyy excited!  She is such an inspiration to me and so many other people. I wish Debbie was my real mom!  (Sorry mom.  You are cool too, but your son, me, hasn't even won one gold medal in anything!)

The embarrassing part though is that I just realized that the Debbie Phelps who has been sending me juicy nuggets of inspiration over the twitterverse for three years now is not the real Debbie Phelps. It is just some random lady named Debbie Phelps who has a son named Michael who hasn't won 8 gold medals. Silly me!  Now that I think about it, I really should have known better. Tweets like "Michael has finally outgrown breastfeeding. Phew! I am gonna save some money not having to chapstick my nipples anymore. LOL" and "if they gave Olympic gold medals for the biggest poopy diaper Michael would win" should have tipped me off that this Michael was not the same age, but I was just so excited to have an adopted-twitter-son relationship with her I guess I was just blind to it. I mean, it would have been weird, but she could have been talking about the real Michael Phelps, right?  Plus, who knew about the chapstick thing. I really did learn a lot of cool stuff from my adopted Debbie Phelps imposter mom!

So @debbiephelps0808, thank you for the misplaced inspiration. I hope we can meet some day.  I feel like we would be close friends if we ever met in person.   And to the real Debbie Phelps, @Mamaphelpsh20, welcome to twitter!  Yay!

She is probably reading another article about how awesome Michael is!

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