Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MIdnight Snack: Death Race 2011. You May Die.

Think you’re a bad ass?  Then, go ahead… sign up for this year’s Death Race.  It’s this Saturday in Pittsfield, VT.  What are you waiting for?  If you don’t know what I am talking about, please check it out at  My friend Andy Weinberg, a former distance record holder at Missouri State, is one of the people who organizes this race-- if you want to call it a race.  The time does not matter.  It is all about survival. This race will test you, no matter who you are. Please watch the video made by the New York Times.  It will blow your mind.

While I have never signed up for the Death Race, I have liked them on facebook, and that means I get some of the messages they send out to all the crazy people who think they can do this.  I received the list the other day of things that competitors are expected to bring to the race, and they aren‘t things you would typically find in your swim bag (unless you are Jason Lezak, of course, because he might actually be this bad-ass):

1. Goggles
2. Dixon-Ticonderoga #2 Pencil
3. Hand Drill with 1/2 inch drill bit
4. Hand Saw
5. Tape Measure
6. Axe or Maul
7. 10' Section of Climbing Rope
8. Carabiner
9. One Twenty Dollar Bill
10. Two x One Dollar Bills

It is a special treat when Andy sends out his emails with messages like these:

Spotted some death racers in Pittsfield this weekend. Ray and Michelle were training most of the weekend and exploring some of the trails from previous years. John tackled the 53 mile course, finishing after dark. I saw him taking off again Sunday morning as the sun was coming up.


Live fish has been removed from the list. Note: There was no harm intended for your fish. We aren't that sadistic. I personally have 17 fish in my kids aquarium and a super cool BETA in the bathroom. I can assure you we had/have no intention of causing any stress or trauma to the fish. We do plan to cause mental, physical, and emotional stress to you but we don't mean no harm to the fish.

It is even more of a treat when Andy’s wife Sloan, (the funniest woman on facebook by the way,) sends out stuff like this:

This comes as sincere and positive as I can be... GIVE UP NOW!!! don't even come, saw Andy and Joe come in from last night course marking. They will break you! I was watching this morning "Hell Week" for Navy Seals, walk in the park compared to Deathrace! Sincerely, Wife of Deathrace...:)

Even if you don't think you can finish the race, at least give Spartan Death Race a like on facebook just to get the messages.  They need to make a reality show out of this race, don't ya think?

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