Monday, June 20, 2011

Care to Join Us?

The Swim Brief In the Early Days
At The Swim Brief, we hope you've enjoyed the content we've provided you over the last couple months. While all three of us can agree it's been a great time, there are moments when we wish we had a little more help. Our budget of unsalted peanuts doesn't allow us to completely set aside our day jobs to post as often as we would like.

Maybe you're a lonely swim blogger sick of posting in isolation. Maybe you're a frequent commenter working up the courage to blog. Maybe you're just a silent lurker. In any case, we are looking for another writer. Check that, if you're a silent lurker please don't apply- you creep us out.

If you're interested, please send us a couple sentences on what you'd like to write about. If we like it, we'll give you a guest blog. The best guest blog may become a regular writer. E-mail all submissions to

Keep in mind we are looking for someone who is not like any of us- you should be able to bring something new to the table. Feel free to create your own blog persona if you wish, and we encourage frequent submissions that might generate discussion in the comments section. You must be willing to participate in behind the scenes strings of emails that are up to 200 messages long and submit to our editorial will. Also, you must be able to read and write at above a 3rd grade level. Shawn was grandfathered in. We're looking forward to your submissions!

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