Thursday, April 30, 2009

More technology for us to argue about...

So, now that the swimsuit controversy is dying down (just kidding) it seems like the perfect time to introduce another new technological advance that will cut more time from our world records. Apparently, they were way too slow and needed to all be erased as quickly as possible.

According to the
Herald Sun, the Australian Institute of Sport is installing new blocks with an adjustable foot rest so swimmers can get more push from their back foot on the start. They will debut at the Australia vs. Japan Duel in the Pool on May 9 and 10. I am guessing this will be pretty similar to what is used in Track. There weren't any pictures. It apparently doesn't involve a springboard, which was my first concern.

Honestly, this will just add one more dimension to the list of "what makes a fast pool."

Oh well. As long as it takes everyone's eyes off of performance enhancing drugs long enough for me to shoot up before I put on my Jaked, I guess it ain't all bad.

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  1. They actually used those blocks in Stockholm in November (, but I think the reason we haven't seen more of them yet is that there weren't enough to go around for everyone to practice with.

    There's a picture of the new blocks here: