Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Dream Suit Experiment

Haven't we all wanted to try our own techsuit experiment? I know a girl who wore a Blue70 at sectionals and lycra at LSC championships to see how it went, but there was a taper in between that skewed the results.

Aparently, Lennart Stekelenburg got to try it at the Amsterdam Cup. He is under contract with Speedo, so he swam the prelim and final in an LZR. His final was 2nd place with a 1:01.9. During the break though, he busted out a 59.5 in a Jaked suit.

Yeah, that's the Italian suit that Auburn wore at NCAA's; I guess because Speedo couldn't fill their LZR order.

I don't even know what to say. I used to want to find a meet to not shave prelims just so I could come back and see how much difference a shave really made back in the day. This guy took it a step further by running a time trial. That would be kind of like swimming unshaved, then swimming it again shaved, then swimming it again and gluing all your hair back just to be sure the unshaved time was legit.

If only he had done the prelim in a brief... then we might really have some numbers to compare. :)

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