Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You know you are famous when...

I once heard someone famous say they were sooo excited to finally be made into an action figure like Harrison Ford. I told my girls team once that I wanted an action figure made of me someday, so they cut my face out of a picture and glued it to a naked Ken doll with a cape.

Clever, but disturbing nonetheless.

I think it is really cool that there are so many strange ways your face can be marketed to let you know you are finally famous. We all think of the simple ones, like the cover of a magazine, a movie poster or appearing on Letterman. We might actually enjoy some of the ones that are a little more obscure, like when you are made into an action figure, appear on cereal boxes, cartoons, a whacked out record in the Guinness book, or when you score your first stalker . Then there are the really out there ones…

…like finding your name multiple times in the urban dictionary.

Go ahead. Look up Phelps. You will find crazy definitions for the following and more:

Phellowship, Phelopiandude, phelp, phelp faced, phelpage, Phelped, Phelpian, phelpified, phelpin' , Phelping, Phelpism, phelpistic, Phelpitized, Phelps, Phelps Hit, Phelps Phan, phelps phenomenon, Phelps Photo Op, Phelps Phreestyle, Phelps syndrome, Phelps'd, Phelps-it, Phelps-o-gasm, phelps-style, Phelpsed Out, Phelpsgasm, Phelpsian, Phelpsian Achievement, Phelpsian breakfast, Phelpsian feat, Phelpsianic, Phelpsies, Phelpsin' It, phelpsing

…and the best one Phelpsturbate.

Ouch, man. Maybe I don’t want to win 8 gold medals.

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