Monday, January 24, 2011

Wow. Dissed hardcore.

In honor of those of us who were left off of the list of the "Top 50 Swimming Blogs", (did anyone even know there were 50 swimming blogs?,) I am posting two videos of the "Nobody Likes Us" guys skits from the Kids in the Hall.  I mean, really... I posted a video of myself with a viking helmet and a brief wedgie on youtube for your entertainment, and I didn't even make the top 50?!  Ouch.

Please help our self esteem by nominating your favorite swim bloggers for the swim blogger/tweet awards. Nominations are being taken now, but voting doesn't start until February 11th. Most of us don't get paid for this. We do it for the LOVE! Your comments and support really mean a lot!


  1. Brutal. Getting on this list would have been life changing.

    Fair enough though, Swim India (no.15) is a quality blog. In fact, what they have is so good they haven't needed to update it since January 2009. = DTM

  2. Don't worry you'll always be number 623 in my book! That blog that post pictures of stuff stuck in gutters in swimming pools just beats you by hair.

  3. I know it is a link-scam, but still... both of you guys should have been on it if it were a legit list, and I could name several others. Honestly, even a link-scam should put up only blogs that have been updated in the last two years. If that is not a criteria, they could at least have put some of our best retiree's like Mrs Coach and Obnoxious Swim Mom! Know what I'm sayin'?

    I hope the thing at least comes up with a list that includes everyone on my RSS list.

  4. MY blog awards:

    Best informative/analysis blog: Speed Endurance

    Blog that will always make me laugh: The Screaming Viking!

    Best swim blog with insight: My husband... just your average, everyday, Olympian - by Ashley Gangloff

    Best swim blog with insight that no one has ever heard of: Follow the Journey, Live the Dream... - by David Plummer - and seriously, I'm like one of his two followers!

  5. awww.... schucks. thanks.

    ... I follow all those blogs. I just became Plummer's fourth follower. :)