Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Academic" Salaries- found this on Reddit

This is an article about a college swimming program that has been cut. If you are interested in helping to save college swimming for future generations, please support Swim Blogs United and GoFor5.org as we try and keep college swimming, $5 at a time!

...well, it's not really about a swimming program specifically, but that is what I thought of when I saw this picture and read the comments below it when I found it on Reddit.

What gets me the most about the comments is how vehemently so many people defend football spending.  Even if the info is not 100% accurate, we all know what the trend is.  There is hardly any mention of recruiting budgets and the number of coaches these institutions have that are being paid tremendous amounts of money and all of the other extravagances attached that are unjustifiable in our down economy.  They all say that football pays for everything else because it brings in millions... yet hardly anyone mentions that the majority of schools are not keeping up with the minimum dollar amount it takes to be competitive.  As college football income increases, the spending seems to increase at a higher rate.  How else could Olympic sport cuts be explained?  More money providing less opportunity just does not add up!
Oh well.  We like to watch football, so I guess it is worth it.  Right? 


  1. interview some Texas swimmers and find out.

  2. I want to ask the ones at the schools who are spending more than they can bring in trying to keep up with the Texas's. Know what I'm sayin'?

    Hooray for the schools who do make money. That doesn't justify the arms race that they ALL have no choice but to be a part of. Washington did very well playing that game for a while. Then what?