Monday, January 3, 2011

Rob D: Ambassador of the Nation of Bad-Ass.

Yeah, the cold water is calling.
It's calling you a sissy by reminding you that there are guys like Rob D out there.

In case you haven't been following along, Rob Dumouchel, the Rob Aquatics guy, just finished his 6.2 mile swim from Avila Beach to Pismo Beach.  I know...!  6.2 miles!  I couldn't do that right now, especially in open water with the waves and all.  The thing is, that isn't even the bad-ass part.  This was essentially the longest polar bear swim ever.  The water was 53 degrees and Rob was not wearing a wet suit.  

I teach a hypothermia lesson to our local JROTC units.  Four hours in that kind of water isn't something I would recommend.  It is a little bit crazy, and I wonder if this might be too tough to be included in the Death Race someday.  Heck, my athletes whine if it gets below eighty degrees.  

Please take the time to read Rob's account of his swim.  He has videos and a pretty detailed telling of it all on his blog.  Then you can spend a little time reflecting on how your Christmas training wasn't really as bad as you thought. 

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  1. look at this guy. what do you mean he didn't wear a wet suit? i am guessing he wears about a 150 lb one all the time. ;)