Friday, January 28, 2011

I can't believe no one told me about this App!

Waitaminnit!!  Do you mean to tell me that I have seen that little "available on the App Store" icon on the TYR/ banner all this time and I just didn't figure it out until now? 

I had assumed that it meant you could buy the TYR Tracer through some online swim shop that had an app.  I am an idiot.  It is actually an app for itself!  I can access the top times list optimized for my iphone!  How did I not already know about this!

I hope they can eventually add the articles and straight up meet results to the app.  PDF's would be good enough, but if it could be somehow done like the Live Results app it would be even better. Conference Central would be amazing if it were optimized for the iphone, expecially with video and all of the great coverage they seem to be networking hard to get. 

And then there are the message boards...  If they could add that to my phone, I can only imagine how much more time I would spend ranting and bickering with the rest of the lunatics.  Please Coach Earhart!  Make it happen!

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