Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Viking might be taking this alumni meet a little too seriously...

We were playing around in morning practice the other day and came up with this vid. I am pretty proud of it. I am not even a hundred percent sure I will be able to make it to the alumni meet, but I am totally jazzed to race with the handicap if I do. We are racing a 50 of each stroke and I get to subtract .3 from my 50 times for every year since my college career ended. That means that I get to subtract 4.5 seconds from every 50 and 18 seconds total! Heck yeah! I hope some more guys from my generation show up.

Please leave me a comment to confirm that this is the best swimming youtube video of all time.

Also, please note the subtle plug for Tyr products at the end. Come on Tyr, with me on your marketing team you can't lose! I made this during morning practice on a $0 budget! Hire me already! I could be the Don Draper of Viking related swim merchandise and I would make a hell of a mascot to break you into the "chubby guys who want to swim faster in the triathlon and have the confidence to still wear a brief" market! Come on, you know you want me on board!


  1. Nice! Not the best EVER but up there for sure! Did Katie get you those horns since you beat her in my contest?

  2. Awesome!
    I need you on my side... consider it battleground training for the big race.

  3. Oh man!!! I thought I was having a flash back to the good old days............I could have sworn I have seen you in that same position, sitting with a smoke, viking helmet, a banana hammick, and a "Keg" back in the mid 1990's at a party once or twice..............I got my money on the Viking......the only better video would be to see old Jack dressed up in a bear costume swimming a 50 free next to you......GO Bears!

  4. Classic Klos....just classic man!

  5. quite possibly the best video i've ever seen period.

  6. Love the video! I think you can't streamline with a viking helmet though. You might want to run some tests...I'm just've meticulously planned your taper you should think about streamlining too.
    I wonder if my size 24 1992 paper suit will still fit. I'm thinking my contribution to mankind will be that I stay out of a swim suit forever.
    Hey, how many of you swimmers out there have done a triathlon or two? Oh, sure it's fun for the swim part, but hearing "good job man" while being passed for 2/3rds of a race ain't so

  7. Thanks for posting your link on the DI video section. We affectionaly refer to them as the Cheetah Boys. Your video is pretty funny. So, how did the meet go? And are you swimming masters?

    1. the meet went well... I tried to get video. :) I raced in an FS1 from shoulders to ankles. I was 23.2 50 free, 28.2 50 breast, 24.3 fly and I think a 26.5 back. It was fun. And no, I don't swim masters. I wish I had time. Coaching makes it tough to get much exercise at all. If I am able to show up at Masters Nats someday I will be easy to spot with the helmet on. Be sure to say hi.