Friday, October 15, 2010

TYR's new ad!

I am a little disappointed that TYR hasn't sponsored me yet. I have been campaigning for a couple of years now. They are gonna wish they had after I tear up the alumni meet at Missouri State next weekend. With my 4.2 second handicap on each 50 on account of my old age, I am gonna be eating all the young bucks alive.

Oh, well. I still have to give TYR props for a great ad and for acknowledging the origin of the brand name. Tyr has a great story. He sacrificed his hand to the wolf Fenrir as part of a plot to trick him and keep him bound with a magic rope after he broke free from every chain the Gods could make. Now that's a team player!


  1. I'll be awaiting the results for the Alumni meet with an anticipation that the Screaming Viking will come out ontop!

  2. Oh, now I understand what TYR stands for...Triathletes, You Rock (and have more money than swim doodes) :-)