Friday, October 8, 2010

Please vote for our PINK pic!

Jones Soda is having a contest to see if anyone can submit a picture that they like enough to turn into a soda label for their regular distribution. One of my team mom's took this picture last October on our first annual pink speedo night and submitted it to the Jones Soda website. Please visit the site and give our pic a 10 point vote. It would be pretty cool if this little thing we did to support our beloved diving coach through her chemotherapy and surgery could be celebrated by winning this contest.

After we made such an impression on our school last year, our student council organized pink events for every fall sport and has already raised a couple grand to support local breast cancer awareness through t-shirt sales and raffles. Our second annual pink night will be October 26th and this year a good friend and local breast cancer survivor donated pink caps to go with our suits. I am anticipating our best dual meet crowd ever.

To vote, go to, click "photos and labels," then "photo gallery" and type "pink speedo" in the search bar. You can't miss our picture. Please pass it on!


  1. Hello,

    I went and voted for your pink pic, very nice. I wanted to reach out to you regarding a client and couldn't find an email. Drop me a line if you can!


  2. I tried to go to your profile but it is set up as "private." you can email me at and I will reply. thanks.