Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Destruction of Professional Basketball!

According to Yahoo! Sports, the NBA has determined that this shoe, developed by Athletics Propulsion Labs, gives an "unfair advantage" with it's "Load N' Launch" technology. It increases vertical leap significantly.


I was just about to light the "Craig Lord Signal" over the city to stamp out this menace before it could destroy professional basketball, until I read that the NBA just decided to ban it.

It's simple really. They just said "no."

You mean, that's it? Wow.

...and the best part is, the article opens by saying that nobody in the NBA really wanted to wear them anyway. Oh well. Disaster averted, I guess.

How much you wanna bet that getting on the NBA banned list actually increases sales of this shoe? Maybe Lochte oughtta add the Load N' Launch tech to his shoes just for fun.

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