Thursday, March 3, 2011

What's with all the crazy DQ's?

I have been too busy to blog for a while.  I apologize because I know that some of you depend on me to get you your swimming news (NOT).  My school told me to make a wish list for facility repairs and improvements, and then told me to find all of the contractors to turn in the bids to get the work done myself.  And then they told me my deadline was in about two weeks instead of the two months I originally thought I had.  While it has been a blessing, I am also flying blind a little and trying to do it all while still teaching my classes is a little crazy.  I have been surprised with how hard it is to get companies to call you back when you want to give them money.  Maybe I don't sound serious enough about removing the lap lanes and putting in a lazy river. 

Anyway, I figured I had better post to bring attention to some wacky DQ's.  Stone Cold Button has had a few posts lately about the relay exchange pads not working at the big meets in Texas.  Apparently there is no sort of review procedure for even the most obvious malfunctions.  Bob even provided photographic proof.  At the Texas Swimming Blog, look up "Guest Post" and "Wake Up, Humans!" to get the full scoop. Methinks some rules need to be rewritten.

And then in Nebraska, the TV stations apparently like to interview the person who would have been state champion if she hadn't been DQ'd before they tell her she was DQ'd.  Of course chaos ensues.  It even came up on Yahoo news when I logged out of my email.   Meanest Candid Camera episode ever.  I fully expect Ashton Kutcher to start showing up at HS swim meets and making this a regular thing.  What a cluster!

When I coached age group I liked to tell the little guys that DQ stands for Dairy Queen and if the officials hand me a DQ slip it means that the kid whose name is on it has to buy me a blizzard.  In these instances, I probably would have laid off the jokes.  Some DQ's are messy enough that you just want to move on without giving the kid a hard time.


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  2. Too funny about DQ sponsoring DQs BECAUSE Dairy Queen a.k.a. DQ was actually a SPONSOR of the Texas state 4A and 5A swim meets where 14 girls relays were DQd. Who would have ever agreed to that?

  3. i love there ice creAM