Sunday, March 27, 2011

31 years?!

In 1980 the Olympics were boycotted; KISS released Unmasked, their last album with the original line-up of Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter; and The Empire Strikes Back was in theaters, which caused every annoying geek on the playground to impersonate Yoda way too much and made an entire generation say "eeewwww" in unison when we realized a few years later that Luke Skywalker had kissed his sister in a way that was not really okay.

1980 was the last time Cal's men won an NCAA Swimming and Diving Championship. Congrats boys. You deserve to celebrate your 2011 title. You swam your hearts out.

1980 was also the beginning of the longest winning streak in any NCAA sport at any level. That streak ended this weekend when Denison's men snuck past the Kenyon Lords by one point at D3 Nats. One point! 31 years!

I can't imagine that it was as awesome to be a swim fan in 1980 as it is now. I marvel at how amazing it is to be able to follow along through media that is so abundant.

Oh yeah, by the way, I won the podium pursuit picks. Yay! OldWahooVA and Smurphy had me a little scared there after day two. I owe you guys a tall one if we ever meet. I was having such a good time picking my top 3 swimmers this year that I didn't even bother to make a March Madness bracket. Podium Pursuit has announced that they are making some changes next month. I am excited to see what they come up with. If you haven't been playing, be sure to start an account before Worlds. It is more fun than you might think.


  1. Nice picking - The 200 Breast did me in; If you got that one right you deserve the win.

  2. Ha! Thanks. Glad to know you check in with my blog. I got D'innocenzo in the right place on that one. I had the 200 free almost perfect and then changed my mind at the last minute. At least I left Dax Hill in the right place. I also nailed the mile except for the surprise first place finisher moved all of my guesses one place back. We'll have to talk strategy some time. Thanks for playing!