Monday, March 7, 2011

Waitaminnit? How many people actually played in that game?

That is not just a football made of diamonds.  It is a mystical gem powered by the souls of the swimmers who were cut at Arkansas in the 90's.

When Auburn Football went to the National Championship they didn't just lose $600k on the trip. That was the amount they spent over the $2.3 million dollar allowance given to them to cover costs! 

And here we are in swimming, limited to a ridiculously small cap of athletes who are invited to our championships because it costs too much to justify inviting 16 to a meet where 16 score, and cutting programs like crazy because schools have no choice but to participate in an arms race to keep up with schools (and conferences) with that kind of spending power.

I didn't make this up guys. Read about it at USA Today.

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