Monday, March 14, 2011

Division II Nats

Congrats to all competitors at the NCAA Division II National Championships on a spectacular weekend of racing.  It was fun to follow!  Special congrats to Drury for once again bringing home the Men's and Women's trophy!  Drury's depth was amazing.  Their strength was not in a couple of studs racking up big points... they had several events with four scorers.

At one point I thought Wayne State's Andrey Seryy was going to edge out Drury's Jun Han Kim for men's swimmer of the meet... but in my opinion that 1:42.99 200 fly launched Kim into outer space.  Seryy's 42.9 in the 100 free was awesome, but not quite as awesome. On the women's side, Casey Hurrell-Zitelman was the sure bet for a win every time.  She really put on a show.  I wish I could have had access to the live video feed all weekend because there was a lot of great swimming going on from too many teams to list.

I added up my Podium Pursuit scores for men and women and without gear I had 68 points on the men's side and 79 points for women.  With gear those scores were 185 and 205.  I think I won, but I am not sure.  I believe they are still tabulating scores.  The only event I picked all three places correctly was the men's 200 fly, but I picked the winner in 19 events throughout the men's and women's meets.  There were no prizes for D2 picks this time but there will be for D1.  Make sure you get your women's D1 picks done in time, and don't forget to click "Groups" and join "The Viking! Ship" to talk some smack as the meets go on.

See ya there!

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