Sunday, March 20, 2011

Women's NCAA's was a blast, and I didn't even get to watch!

Okay-- I have to tell a story on myself.  I am kind of an idiot.  After the World Champs last year I was 4th place over all in Pursuit Points.  That was before I realized how valuable it was to "gear up" my athletes.  I started outfitting them after two full days were already over, so I wasn't too disappointed with 4th place.  David Rieder actually let me bump up to third (long story, thanks SwimGeek!) but I was a little disappointed when I realized there were a couple of events I would have won if they had been in gear.  For Worlds there was a $25 prize on the line for the best picker on each event.

For the D2 Men's and Women's meets I think I won, although there were two guys whose scores kind of randomly popped up ahead of mine on the list and then would disappear from the rankings.  I don't know if the PP guys ever showed a comprehensive list like the one above.  There weren't any prizes on the line for that one, so no big deal. Not sure what the glitch was.  Oh well.  I suited up my swimmers for that one... well, kind of.  My scores didn't match up but I didn't care because I was kicking butt. 

After the Women's D1 meet I had to email the Podium Pursuit team to find out what had happened to my score because again it didn't match up but this time was a bigger deal.  According to my calculations I should have won by a longshot.  I had earned 225 points!  They checked for me and found out that I had not suited up my athletes correctly.  Apparently I have made picks for four big meets without knowing how to do it right!  

They told me that some events were suited and some were not.  Hmmm....  example:  I picked all three of the top finishers in the 1650 in the correct order.  That should have earned me 34 points, but since they were somehow not suited, I ended up with 10.  As a matter of fact, all of my day 3 scores were unsuited points only.  Ouch.   I had some pretty big plays there.

Oh well...  I don't blame Podium Pursuit.  I blame me.  You three guys at the top should consider yourselves lucky.  Ain't gonna happen for the men's meet.  Game on.

As far as the the big show over the weekend... I didn't get to watch any of the live video and I still had a blast following the meet through live results.  Outside smoke.  Records broken.  A tight team race.  I don't think a fan could ask for more.  

The surprise of the meet?...  Some of you have to agree it was Haley Spencer squeaking past the pack in the 200 Breast to bring it home for Minnesota.  She is awesome.  I interviewed her once for floswimming a few years ago.  After watching this video again, I am a little disappointed in myself for only having picked her for third place. 

Later in that meet I interviewed her again.  She broke Liz Smith's state record in the 100 breast and it was a best time by a full second.  It is a rare kid who can keep her head glued on that straight while fighting the flu.  I will be picking her for the win next year.    

Please join the Viking Ship at Podium Pursuit if you think you can take me down.  I did my research for the men's meet.  You better pack a lunch.  It's gonna be a long weekend.

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  1. Hey, no more Mr. Nice Guy! I am out to win this meet! WIN I TELL YOU!