Thursday, June 25, 2009

Since the FINA flip-flop...

Ever since FINA did the right thing by deciding to allow all the suits until they could provide real evidence of why the LZR was allowed over others, journalists and bloggers have been putting out so much great stuff that I can hardly keep up! Craig Lord has already published 18 articles since the suit list was negated on Monday, while I have posted a pathetic ZERO. I just don't even compare.

There are now facebook groups to boycott Speedo products and to form an athlete professional organization to take some control of the sport. The Washington Post even cares enough about swimming that they started their own page dedicated to it called Not only is it great reporting, but they have the best list of links to current swim news across the world that I have ever seen. Here is a link to one of their articles about a whole bunch of Speedo sponsored athletes whining that they are at a disadvantage because their 2% advantage has been taken away by FINA's flip-flop.

Also, please tell everyone to take my newest poll. Now that FINA has shown that they are actually listening to the bloggers (at least a little bit), my blogspot might be the perfect place to show them how we really feel with the most important poll in swimming history. According to Professor Hanson (errr, or is it Manson?), my poll is perfectly constructed to be 100% accurate and will give FINA the best data from which to make future decisions regarding suits.

Stay on the lookout for more craziness until the new list comes out in January. I can only see this getting better.

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