Thursday, June 18, 2009

Karma is a 2 year old girl

Only a couple of days after calling Matt Welsh a sissy for being sent to the emergency room by a toddler, I had my own little incident to remind me just how mortal I really am.

Last night I brought my daughters to the pool to play while an officiating clinic was going on. I was still wearing my jammer and drag suit when the clinic ended. I had just gotten out of the pool when four of my swim team parents stopped to chat and say hi to my two year old.

In the middle of our conversation, my daughter decided to grab at me in the worst way possible. She lunged with two hands aiming and ready to clasp at my robin eggs. She grabbed and closed her grip, but luckily my cat-like reflexes took over and I barely escaped certain doom.

We all got to laugh about it, and I actually told my daughter "sweetie, you almost dropped me to the floor and curled me up!"... but I couldn't shake the realization that I could be humiliated or maimed at any time, and that maybe I should start taking a little more stock in the concept of karma. No one wants to get their bits and pieces squeezed in front of an audience. It is even worse when you know that on some level you deserved it.

To make myself feel better, I am posting a video of some poor sucker getting laid out by a kid with a plastic bat. I am personally going to watch this video and think about how NOT funny it is:

Getting Hit In The Nuts By A Kid - Watch more Funny Videos

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