Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gutter Talk: NCAA Potential Relay Rule Changes

The NCAA is considering several rule changes for swimming, including inviting 16 relays to the D1 championship, allowing aggregate relay entries, tying relay entries to times rather than names, and eliminating last chance meets; all of which might severely lessen the number of individual qualifiers.


“We really need to move to a system that makes more sense.  I think it’s time we get the BCS involved.”  Chuck W.- Sports Management Consultant

“Let’s see.  There are 5 men’s relay events.  16 relays invited with 4 swimmers each, and relay entrants would not be limited to who actually swam it.  (5x 4) x 16= 320 swimmers.  Sure that makes sense considering the cap is set at 235.  Potentially there could be negative 85 individual males invited.”  T.S. Viking- Delusional Blogger 

“As long as we keep the mid-majors out I can live with any rule changes they throw at us.”  Braden K-

"Who cares?  It's swimming.  As long as the price doesn’t go up, let them do whatever the heck they want.”   Mark E.- CEO


  1. I'll believe it when I see it

  2. oh, and by the way guys... all these gutter talk quotes are completely made up in the name of satire. Kobe Bryant didn't really call us an "almost legitimate sport." ;)

  3. In March 2009, at the Mens PAC-10 Championships in Long Beach, I was told that the tiime pads were unplugged during the time trials. When the parent who was timing questioned it, she was told, "it's better for the swimmers that way".

    Perhaps last chance meets work the same way and swimmers magically achieve the needed times.

    Eliminating these last chance qualifiers may help keep the competition fair!

  4. Yeah - March 6, 2009. Swim Torrance was timing. Swim Torrance continually falsifies times anyway so maybe that is why they are always invited to time.

    Bettie Williams (Swim Torrance Board of Directors and SCS review board) also retaliates against the swimmer if the parent speaks up.

  5. Haha, I don't hate mid-majors. I'm just bitter that I wasn't smart enough to get into Eastern SW Missouri State Technical College A&T like you were Shawn.

    I guess its easy to get confused when you post at 2 AM because your wife won't let you use the internet at home.


  6. And Glenn, I see your Seal Team 6, and raise you one Secretary of Defense. Bob Gates was the president of A&M for most of my time there. He's got my back. Quantity over quality?